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May 11, 2010
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Axes and Halberds by DerangedMeowMeow Axes and Halberds by DerangedMeowMeow
More sketches about holding axes and a little something on halberds.

Figure A: Holding a big axe in a more neutral pose or at attention if you will.

Figure B: Holding and carrying a larger axe with one hand looks more natural and balanced if it's held near the actual blade. That's the heavy bit so it's easier.

Figure C: Holding and carrying a halbard. Just a guess but it looks fairly alright. Note that the blade is pointing downwards.

Figure D: Axe vs axe. The one on the left seem ready to strike a very impressive blow but the pose is actually too exaggerated. Bend your arms backwards like that and see if it feels comfy and natural. Not for me. I believe a more natural swing starts with the hands right over the head, not over the ass.

Figure E: Halberds! The first sketch swinging the halberd looks impressive but shifting the center of gravity like that would make you lose your balance...and hurt a cat.

Figure D: I'm not a historian or a medieval weapons expert, but my best guess on how a halberd was used in battle is pretty straight up and forward, letting gravity do its thing.
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Very nice ^.^
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